Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Heyaun to Nankunshan Epic

It doesn't seem so long since the last 'Tour de Wiggo' excursion to Nankunshan, and perhaps another blog entry is unwarranted.

However, hitting the hallowed reservoir roads out of Heyuan, you're reminded pretty quick just why we came back so quick. Think the Ardennes, then add some more climbs. This is interval training at it's most brutal- climb a few hundred metres, descend, repeat until dead. The profile of this ride has more spikes than your average cardiogram.

And more opportunities for a fresh chicken than you might expect also.

But we don't come for the chicken, the fish, or the Blazing nightclubs. We come to ride, and ride we did.

The tales might be limited to a kitchen stake-out protest in a bid to secure some breakfast coffee, the usual hanging out in Chinese make shift huts necking Coke and Coconut milk to keep us going...

And I guess there's the ubiquitous Chinese men inspect bicycles with quick releases that weigh less than a horse cart, though I guess we're pretty used to that by now.

But what we lost in 'adventure' we gained in actually nailing a top quality route on great roads with almost no traffic. The sort of route planning in China that only comes from a bit of experience, some mistakes, some extra Google Maps research (thanks Aron!) and a bit of luck. If you want a couple of days of road riding out of Hong Kong without getting on a plane I think you'd be hard pressed to be beat the below:


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