Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pro Bike Pron: Zabel's Colnago EPS

It seems a long time since Eric Zabel was riding, but actually it was only a year ago he hung up his cleats. And what a bike he rode in his final Tour- this rather lovely custom sprayed Colnago EPS. It harks back to the Colnago's of old, which, let's face it, just look much better. The retro paint on modern carbon fibre is a concept that perhaps shouldn't work, but even fitted with Dura-Ace throughout it does. I'd love to see a Record / Lightweight equipped version. We already did my pro bike of 2009, but if I'd had my blog in 2008, there's no doubt this would have been my pro bike of the year. The Colnago lust is not abiding...

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