Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pro Bike Pron: Pantani's Bianchi

I'm very pleased cyclingnews have run this a storey on il Pirate's Bianchi circa 1998. Check out the link for more but a definate highlight is the a 44x23 lowest gear- that's the equivalent of a 39x21 for the toughest the Tour can throw at you. Guess at the speeds he went up the hills it wasn't an issue!

On a more personal level, this bike reminds me of the first serious road bike I bought back in 2001- a Pantani replica Bianchi frame 2nd hand off a guy in Cambridge. I didn't really know what I was buying but I'd driven so far to get it I thought I may as well buy it. Turned out I'd unearthed a real cracker of a bike that I thoroughly enjoyed building up into something that resembled the above to a remarkable degree. I still think it's the best handling road bike that I've owned. I wrote it off a few years later but that's another story. Maybe I'll do a post on that bike one day.


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