Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CX Commuting

So tonight I christened the new Max Cross machine off road on a trail that is dull as ditch water on a fully suspended mtb, but pretty lively on a CX bike with road tires! Still, with a view like this on my way home, I really can't complain either way.


  1. Yea, I remember those views during the early evening when I was doing my training rides. Man, do I miss that. Funny, when I first moved to HK I was not digging the riding scene...That sure changed. Remember when we first went over to MW and rode with Cozmo, Kurt and Peter? We got dogged that day...

  2. Ed,

    so now the total count of CX bike in HK goes up to 2... so we are already enough for setting up the first HK CX race...

  3. Roberto- talk about niche within niche! It's nice though- reminds me of very early mtb days, when it was more about staying loose and using limbs for suspension than technology. Bob- I think you need to google "dogging"... people may get the wrong idea about the Mui Wo ferry!