Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Factor 001

I was all set to slag off this new F1 uber bike for the mega rich until I read the cozy beehive discussion that talks you through the power analysis system at the crank, which is the only bit of true innovation I can find on this bike. But seeing as it's 22,000 quid I might as well slag it all the same:
  • Most of the design ideas that might look novel (except for a slight twist on the cranks) have been done before. The wheels are stolen from a 15 year old Mike Burrows design, The fork assembly is the same as a Look track bike, the discs look like my 10 year old Hope Minis, the dropped seatstay could be from all manner of TT / Tri bikes and the integrated DI2 cabling (couldn't they do wireless?) is also not new any more.
  • It doesn't even hit the UCI weight limit. Given we're talking a UCI illegal bike you'd have thought they'd want to break this rule also.
  • 22,000 is a lot of money for a bike you can't race on. Though granted those who can afford it are unlikely to.
  • I think it's plain fugly.
  • Looks to me like they fitted it with clinchers...
This probably all says something about how good a designer Mike Burrows was. But Lewis Hamilton is meant to be getting one so no doubt it'll sell to a few rich boy petrol heads who know nothing about Lotus superbikes...