Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tonks TTT express

This isn't far off what I spent this most of this morning seeing as I tried to stay in contact with the Tonks TTT Express. We (I use the term loosely given how much time I spent on the front) clocked 1:08:24 for 48.5km which I think is a new SIR TTT record on a windy day in Tung Chung. Phew!


  1. I have to post the following write up from SIR Matt. Pure gold:-

    "I knew something was 'up' when John first hit the front and there was a mad hysterical laugh. At first I did not understand what it meant, but realized something was up as Mark Binnington suddenly announced that he'd 'seen something rather interesting on the side of the road and was looping back to see what it was'. WTF? And then there were three and as you all know, you need three to finish. That Mark Binninington is a smart guy. So, we were taking turns on the front, John would pull us for about 5 mins and then I'd take 10 seconds before frantically waving my elbow and after less than quarter distance I could not even do that. But it was worse... whenever I'd say 'John, slow down' he'd just pretend he could not hear me. There was just more hysterical laughing from the front of the mad train to nowhere. I knew I just had to suck it up. How bad was it? I did not even have time to reach to my bidon. Ed seemed to be able to exert some control, he could still ride on the front and seemed to be able to get through to John using monosyllables 'stop' = 'ease up a touch' and 'argh' = 'all is good back here, keep going'. That was reassuring; despite the continuing mad laughter Ed was with me and we were in this together. On the second lap it just got worse, John saw another team about a kilometer up the road and just gunned it. I have no idea what speed we were going before but I now was in top gear all the time and had nothing left, my knees were up by my ears and it was utter madness. But at least Ed was there and he could communicate. Then the most scary thing happened, Ed turned and looked at me - eyes as wide as saucers and had sweat all over his face - he clearly was not in control. He managed to get out a 'he's a monster'. Never has a description been so accurate and never have I felt so out of control and useless and we still had 15 kms to go. Frankly, the rest was a blur. I felt I had to take turns at the front but every time I tried, I'd do a stint and then be utterly unable to catch the back of the mad laughing train. The most amazing thing was that John actually eased after the finishing line; I'd been convinced this was never going to end and we were all on our way straight to hell.

    I almost threw up just after we slowed down and then I had the shakes, Ed was in a similar state. John looked like he'd just gone down the road to get the paper.

    Would I do it again? Yes, in a heart beat.

    A big thanks to John and Ed. I've never been at the sharp end before and it was brilliant.

    Onwards and upwards."

  2. hi, do you guys have john`s contact details? i`m lee rodgers from england/japan, i raced with john in thailand, but never got his mail add.
    cheers. my mail is