Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pro Bike Pron: Tomac Raleigh

The Tomac Raleigh. An icon of early 90's mtb'ing. How could a Raleigh be so cool?
  • It was ridden by Johnny T, who we've already discussed as a style icon.
  • It wasn't really a Raleigh but a Merlin titanium with Easton carbon tubes (pretty cutting edge for the time)
  • It was fitted out with all the good stuff- blue bits, the SRP ti. bolts, the rumbling disc drive that had to be replaced every 5 races and best of all a tyre that lasted 5 minutes. All brilliant.
Despite the cutting edge technology it was 26lbs and the geommetry looks pretty terrible from here- but it didn't slow Johnny T down too much! Thanks to retrobike for the following links:

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