Sunday, November 8, 2009

Review: Flying Pigeon vs. Yeti

Whilst getting some wood cut on the Lockhart Rd., two Hong Kong cycling icons went head to head in a Wan Chai shoot out. In the red corner, the fisherman's favourite- the Flying Pigeon. In the blue, the HKmtb'ers bike de jour- the Yeti 575. Who wins?

Carrying Sh*t
The built in basket on the back of the Pigeon makes it a clear winner. Fish won't jump out and it never needs cleaning! The Yeti is let down by not having any pannier racks or built in baskets. The Yeti surprised us by being able to handle 3 large made to measure shelves stretched between handlebar and saddle but we were worried about scratching the carbon bars.

Life Safety
The disc brakes on the Yeti might stop you getting run over by a lorry or running over a pedestrian but the self imposed speed limit of riding a 45lb Flying Pigeon with fish for cargo and 10psi tires may be of more value.

Picking up Hookers
Let's face it, if you've got the cash what does it matter what bike you ride? I'd certainly rather lock up a Pigeon than a Yeti on the streets of Wan Chai given the Pigeon probably costs less than the Yeti front wheel.

So there you have it, the Pigeon is a clear winner in today's Wan Chai shoot out. Now, on to those shelves...

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