Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sporttracks Training Load 1st 1/2 2010

I've posted before on how I use the Training Load plug-in on SportTracks to help analyse my training on the bike as a way to review and also to plan my weekly hours / intensity. I wouldn't say I plan my training to the nines but I try to keep an eye on the above rolling graph as I find it gives me a good indication of my fitness and also lets me know when to back off before a big event. Basically the blue graph represents how fit I am and the green is your freshness so the higher the blue line the better, then just before a big event you want the green to overtake the blue but not go too far over as that means you're just getting unfit. 

The point I wanted to make was that it is amazing how closely this graph mirrors the events not only in your training, but also in your general life. The only race I've won this year came a week after the peak of my fitness (the blue line) just after my solo Malaysian epic. I was worried going into this race that I may not be fresh enough but it turned out OK.

On the flip side sometimes life takes over and your training takes a hit. For example new job, crazy deadline & even crazier weekend trip to UK with resultant cold after = less than satisfactory HK Champs performance (14th place overall but dropped on the first climb). I was asked before this event how I knew I'd go like a bag of spanners- I knew because the graph doesn't lie.

1st Half 2010 Stats:-
5010 kms ridden / run
66,500 m ascended
232 hrs 45 mins wasted

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