Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ultimate Man Cave

All this chat about Shipping Containers, Man Caves, and a general nostalgia for countries where space is not at quite such a premium could only mean one thing: Ed's design for the ultimate shipping container 'Man Cave'. Some thoughts / guidelines for such a concept:

- Windows are cheating. This is meant to be a cave. Roof lights may be acceptable.
- Projector will lesson 'cave' feel through images of Alpine environments.
- Walls to be covered in bikes, bike parts, tools & plastic trophies from when you may have been good.
- Red walls will promote masculinity and aggression.
- Rubber stud floors good for spilling oil on. This will add to the aroma.
- Hazard tape optional but suitable if you want a hacienda vibe (add Madchester soundtrack?).
- Chesterfield's will add a nice pseudo gentleman's club ambience (add slippers?).
- 7 bike capacity would seem suitable. One for each day of the week.