Sunday, October 18, 2009

Review: Kenda SB8

OK- first the good things on these tires- they're light (apx520g), they're fast, and they're incredibly grippy in dry hardpack conditions, which is what we have here in Hong Kong at the moment. They were even 'designed' by John Tomac! Pretty much everything you want in an XC tire, right?

Wrong- they're so light the sidewalls are just too thin. They were incredibly hard to get to seal on Stans rims- took a week of repetitive inflation each night and worst of all, my back tire has lasted just 5 rides before giving out on me today around Chi Ma Wan, whilst in 5th place of the Action Asia race. About as long as a Tomac disc! I shall use this post to vent that frustration... before I put my reliable UST Maxxis or Contis back on. And before anyone says I should have used the UST version- they weigh a whopping 880g- a pound weight penalty over the Maxxis or the Conti. USTs. Oh well, I learned my lesson. 

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