Tuesday, September 29, 2009

April 1st?

50 quid for an empty box? Is it April fools? No, it's the mighty rouleur testing the mettle of investment bankers everywhere. Class act.

The Last Typhoon of the Year?

This is my favourite typhoon image stolen from the BBC last year. Looking out the window now, surely this is our last typhoon of the year and pretty soon we can get back to riding bikes in the sunshine?

Action Asia Tai Lam

Photos in from Action Asia Tai Lam. Full gallery, courtesy of Shaun Horrocks here:


I feel over-heated just thinking about that race.

mobile pin stripe

mobile pin stripe
Originally uploaded by stupot.

I think I've had enough copyright infringement from my friends over at stupot.com so it's time to return the favour!

Oh and before anyone says this has nothing to do with bikes or buildings, surely it has everything to do with bikes AND buildings. And blogs...


Yeti Dispatch 09.28.09‏

New YETI ARS-5 looks sweet as a nut. Potential 575 replacement?!?

Gentlemen of Bakongo

No matter the buildings that surround you there is no excuse for not looking good. Witness the Gentlemen of Bakongo, looking dapper as ever despite living on Congo.

Book coming soon:


Monday, September 28, 2009

Dancing on the ceiling

what better way to start my bikesandbuildings blog than this classic quintissential building component- ceilings. Lindner out- Lionel in!