Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gold Fingers

'Skyfall' may be in cinemas now and entertaining us in the best of Bond fashion. But where are the new Bond villains based on evil Architects? Even if Erno was apparently rather peeved about Auric Goldfinger being based upon him, I'm sure there's no such thing as bad publicity in cases such as these. So, Mr Mendes, how about it for next time? But which baddie to base him on from today's Starchitects??? Anthony Hopkins could play a good role pulling down some listed buildings in a 3 piece suit with aplomb on his way to world domination, I'm quite sure. Or maybe it's time for a plump Iranian female dominatrix? No names now of course... Well, whatever, in case you don't know the Goldfinger history lesson, it's here:

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