Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Campo Baeza

There's glass boxes and there's glass boxes.



I caught this frame last night at Rodafixa- a Dosnoventa Houston. It's in a fluorescent pink that pictures cannot do justice. Wild is not the word!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Whitehead Track Night

It's not your average Hong Kong Friday night, but this week Colossi.cc managed to rent the track for the night and sneak a cheeky training session in. As usual we had a mix of Open riders (James, Nora, Mark, Me) and a few newbies (inc. Keggy, Tom, Jereon, Mike) getting their licenses.

Despite a number being fresh to the boards (well, shuttered concrete) everyone was up quickly and in the spirit of things. We even managed our own 'Devil take the hindmost'- also known as an elimination race, where last over the line gets canned. This came down to quite the two up sprint between James & I- having led most the way around, I had a bit of a gap on the penultimate sprint, meaning I thought I may as well try and get the jump on James and try to hold it for an extra two laps. Breathing down my neck in the last 100m I could hear the crowd road (OK, maybe not) and did my best to keep the legs whirring, but going over the line he pipped me by half a wheel! I couldn't help but smile at this- quite fun to race so many laps and to be so close at the end. Anyhow, a fun evening and the start of a bureaucratic resurgence in club > Cycling Ass. relations. Bring on the next one!

More photos here

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