Friday, June 8, 2012

Bob Cave

Not what you expect to see in Egypt! Bob demonstrates how to rack up some shipping costs at xxx's expense with how to do a workbench... more concerning is the slicks on an MTB and that weird whale tail sticking out the back, not to mention the saddle bag attached to road bike. Refer rule 29 Bob. Race number canvas art only gets you so far!!!


  1. Spoken like a true roadie....A mountain biker isn't concerned with "conformity" but using the best tools for the job at hand. And by the way, those plates aren't just art but hard earned mementos of "some" of the races a real mountain biker competed in, and in some cases a saddle bag was in use. ;-)

    Cheers Edurado

  2. ...says the man without a knobblie tyre in sight! Harsh but fair Bob, harsh but fair.