Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chris King's Yeti

Following on my my Yo Eddy mtb retro mania post the other day, my retrobike musings took me to a post by  the new mountain biking sister magazine to the excellent Rouleur magazine- Privateer. I'm yet to acquire a copy of the actual magazine (sadly not distributed in HK), but I'm pretty confident it'd be a good read. One feature they have is a factory visit to Chris King. As per my Quality Quadrant post a year or so ago, I'd put Chris King in that small group of top notch component manufacturers still making things to last.

Proof is in the pudding in this instance, as Chris King's personal bike is on the same hubs, headset and bottom bracket installed in 1993. It's a bit sad that if you buy a Yeti now there's no way it'll last 20 years (mine lasted about 1 year before the rear triangle exploded for the first time), but I very much stand by the concept of investing in a good frame and good bearings that will pay off over their lifetime, rather than chi chi lightweight bling. This may be a bit of an extreme case, but it does prove a point. At some point in the future I'll do a post in praise of the company I consider to be the UK equivalent of Chris King- Hope Technologies, but for now, enjoy this taster of the privateer article:

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