Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hill Street

A pretty miserable start to the Chinese New Year long weekend here- rain and relative cold. I'm aiming for a riding challenge of 1000m minimum climbing elevation per day for 5 days to pass the time. I kicked this off today with a rather unplanned Tour de HK Island, including a jaunt into town to say hello to the Bike Shop. It's been a long time since I rode down Hill Street, which used to feature on my fixed gear commute when I first moved here, and I think I was always so fearful of trying to stay alive (and keep my speed in check) that I didn't really look up, but today it really did just make me stop (it's nice having 2 brakes) and think 'this is bonkers'. Buildings with fly overs next to your window- that's what the world needs more of!!! Hong Kong urbanism at it's best (so long as you don't have to live in it).

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