Thursday, September 29, 2011

4 spoke

Another couple of weeks of all quiet on the Western Front around here. Reason being a trip back to the UK to pick up some 4 spokes. Oh, and to visit the family, go to a wedding in Venice and other such distractions. But the primary reason for the trip was of course to pick these bad boys up. After my last Reine du Nord post it would seem I am defiantly keeping to the mantra of 'you can never have too many bike wheels'. Now, the only issue with these wheels is that the rear is actually a fixed gear track wheel (these were a bit of a drunk eBay surprise bid win for very little $$$). I had thought I would be able to swap it over to a geared freehub from a spare rear Corima hub I have, but now I've taken them out of the box it seems not. This leaves me with a bit of dilemna- do I convert my TT bike to a fixed TT bike / try to adapt an old school screw on cassette and go 5/6/7 speed at the back / buy a disc wheel?. Or do I ship back my track bike from the UK a try to justify them for that?!? Either way, the wife will probably kill me when she realises how many wheels / bikes I now have in the flat. "But they're good enough for Chris Hoy darling, so they must be good enough for me!"

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