Saturday, October 1, 2011


A few photos from a quick dash to Venizia for a friend's wedding last week, as well as some likes and dislikes about Venice:

Like: It's the complete opposite to Hong Kong- everything is super old and as a piece of history it is quite remarkable. No matter how hard the Chinese may try, we just don't do marble & gold bling like they did back then.
Dislike: It's not a functioning modern old city, in the same way that say, Paris, is. Very few people appear to actually live in Venice, although we were lucky to stay in an area where kids still played football in the square and the croissants were home made. Sadly though, the population is in decline and the city feels like tourist town.
Like: Gelato, fresh pasta, espresso etc. etc.
Dislike: Rialto bridge.
Like: No cars
Dislike: Didn't see a single bike.
Like: Taking a water taxi to the airport
Dislike: The cost of water taxis...

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