Monday, January 16, 2012

Stop and Spin [then get a boat]

It's not often I have a weekend with 2 rides worthy of some blog attention, but this weekend was a bit of an exception. Sunday was a fun bit of Border Exploring on the mountain bikes, whereas Saturday was a great Buddha ride with the legendary cyclocrossing gardener that is Hillary Daniels and her guest from the United States of San Fransico- Chris Johnson.

Chris has just signed for the new Pro Continental Champ Sys team, and was off to training camp in Hainan with them the following day. As a man who has ridden as a climbing domestique for Tour stage winners Chris found Tung Chung road at my threshold keel over in pain pace, well, a nice tempo by which to hold a conversation. I did my best to pretend I could still breathe... Anyhow, a diversion to the Lantau North Shore of Tai O resulted in a very random boat trip to get us un-lost. Not quite as cool as the following video from Chris, but good fun all the same ;-)

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