Sunday, January 15, 2012

Border Exploring

A fun ride this morning exploring some trails up near Plover Cove.

Some cool jetties featured (no we weren't lost- honest)

Not to mention a bit of singletrack with grave yards and Shenzhen tower blocks for a back drop.

But the definite highlight for me was cresting a hill and seeing the mighty Minsk World through the trees. Strange how you can be so near, yet so far from one of only 2 military theme parks in the world. 


  1. Nice Ed, so this is up on the border with China? How did you guys find out about it? Of course reliable Leeper was there. Always count on Mark for any type of ride. Who else rode? By the way how do you like the Turner? Sure wish I was with you guys, even in the rain. Looked like a great ride.

  2. The Turner as fun as ever Bob- though my hard pack race tires weren't exactly ideal on the wet rocks... Aron is the new Swedish guy who entertained us with stories of on-line Chinese dating.