Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hapless Maillot Jaune

A few thoughts on yesterday's talking point of 'should Contador have waited for Schleck?'. 

1./ Schleck was clearly crossing the chain in a strange gear combination when he dropped the chain so it was his fault. 
2./ Schleck had to get off his bike twice to fix it so it was his fault. 
3./ If Schleck's descending was up to scratch then he would have bridged the 10 second deficit on the descent (think Il Falco saving his pink jersey a few years ago through excellent descending skills)... so it was his fault.
4./ The Tour already waited for Schleck once this Tour after he crashed, and if it wasn't for which he'd never have had the jersey at all. So he's already very lucky.
5./ That's racing. People are comparing this incident to Ullrich waiting for Lance back in the day after Lance caught his bars on a spectator's bag. That wasn't Lance's fault- sorry to be harsh but in my opinion this was Schleck's making and it exposes his deficiencies as a rider- he falls off a lot, he's not a top class descender and he clearly can't fix a mechanical. Harsh but fair!