Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fraser's Hill Down > Up

Tuesday was much more pleasant at just the 80km riding down and then back up the usual climb way up Fraser’s Hill (reservoir at base pictured). This meant not so much time spent in scorching sun as I was a bit worried I'd come a bit too close to heat exhaustion yesterday and the body may not react well to more of the same. So, a nice normal ride followed by a very chilled afternoon lounging around the Smokehouse seemed a more civilised way to spend my little holiday. 

Alongside books on Scottish castles I've also been reading the Mark Beaumont ‘around the world’ book. I have the greatest respect for him for what he did, and what he talks about with the mental side being the hardest aspect I can completely relate to. I've done long distances solo before and even toured solo, but somehow I'd forgotten a bit what it is like. It's hard- you question yourself, your motivation in a way you don't need to when you're in a group or you're racing. ‘A chapeau’ as they say in France.

Finally, I know I've blogged about the Smokehouse before but it really is amazing- they have pictures on the wall of places like Borrowdale and Norfolk, which is the stylistic cue, but it's staffed by mainly Muslim Malays and of course the local vehicle of choice is a Proton not a Ford.

I still think their Tea & Scones followed by Beef Wellington is hard to beat after a long day's riding, especially when the sunset is like this. I only wish the flat lands of Malaysia had a bit more to offer and a bit more opportunity for poor innocent Western cyclists to stay cool beyond the petrol stations…

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