Friday, November 27, 2009

14 Bike

A fixed gear hipster dream- 14 Bike in Spitalfiends, London town. I found out about this place via the unlikely source of competitivecyclist's whats-new. For all the misgivings of fakenger's trying to make getting run over by taxi's becasue you haven't got any brakes on cool, I think the whole fixie craze does seem to have had a knock on effect on the rest of the bike industry to start paying more attention to colour, matching components and a rediscovery of steel as a frame building material. Variety is the spice of life, so that's a good thing.

Personally I bought my fixed Harry Quinn before it became 'cool' as a way of getting into track racing and now I ride a fixed gear (with a brake) around town because it's a low maintenance solution that also happens to be a beautiful ride. Whatever, this looks like a great shop to visit and the blog isn't bad either:-


  1. So, do you reckon the whole 'fixter' thing is good for cycling? I have had some of my more fashion-conscious friends approach me for advice on the best 'fixie' to spend their money on. I know that these people, much as I love them, aren't getting a bike because its the best way to travel or for the related health (mental and physical) benefits and, ultimately, they will fall out of it when they realise that brakeless fixed gear bikes with no mudguards aren't actually all that practical in Britain. And god forbid they should end up on one of those 80 'funny' pursuit bikes that seem to be so popular among the hipster cult. Am I just being grouchy/cynical/elitist? Probably all of the above in varying measures. And don't even get me started on bike polo...

  2. It's funny- I'm fairly immune to this phenomenon to a degree living in HK where you can probably count the people with a fixed gear on two hands. But it only takes a visit to London to know what you're talking about. I'd argue that Chris Hoy would never have got into track racing if it wasn't for BMX, which was a similarly in vogue and impracticle form of biking back in the day. Same story for me but with mtb (which I'm still into). Winter UK road bikes will never draw people in so let's embrace the fixie. As you point out many will get bored and flog on their fashion accessory but some may get hooked. 2 wheels good...