Sunday, March 17, 2013


There are rides when you push the boundaries of how far / how high / how fast. And there are rides where you push the boundaries of what constitutes rideable terrain. Usually that would be on a mountain bike, but this weekend I pushed the boundaries a bit (for me) on what constitutes a rideable road. Shenzhen is a modern Chinese city designed around the motor car, with bikes generally relegated to the occasional Flying Pigeon wandering across the pedestrian crossing with a bunch of leeks sprouting out back. 

But with the speedo touching 50kph 100km into my Tour of Shenzhen with Colossi's Sander Kole, it did occur to me that riding 5 lane highways can actually be quite fun after all! I guess when you don't have so many options for good riding roads in the city you make do and adapt. And yes, we did get a glimpse of the nicer roads available down on the Shenzhen 'riviera'- these shots were taken on a nice little climb right by the Yantian border crossing. The greenery just past the fence is in fact Hong Kong! Before you ask, I didn't have the balls to take my iPhone out on the 5 lane highway... Still, nice to do something a bit different and clock a few km's on the flat with the impetus to keep the pace high to stay alive. Next time it's 'all in' right down the coast, perhaps without the fake handbag haul for afters.

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