Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cycling is not cool

Cycling is not cool- fact. Despite Chris Hoy's best efforts, wearing lycra is not, and never will be 'cool'. Mountain bikers who wear baggy shorts and fixed gear 'hipsters' might argue that because they're not wearing lycra shorts that makes them 'cool' but really- has anyone ever seen a pair of mountain bike shoes that could be described as 'cool'. And since fixed gear is now so popular and the hipsters try so hard, it is of course no longer cool. All of which is fine. I don't cycle to look cool, I do it to keep fit, to see great places, to get a buzz, to have a chat, to batter myself into a haze of lactic acid and because I've been doing it so long now I've just morphed into a bike geek. All the while I have to mitigate the uncoolness by offsetting with reasonably acceptable yet also function cycle clothing and immerse myself in bike kit. Not because I have an intense desire to be cool, but because I don't want to look like a complete egit (see above) and because I have a genuine interest in design as a whole. I also find riding nice bikes more enjoyable.

All of which brings me to the following- Triathlon is not cool either. But reading through this forum arguement, one could be forgiven for thinking that triathletes think they're cooler than cyclists (as well as better equipped in the training / equipment sectors) and that cyclists think they're cooler than triathletes. People, let's not argue. Both sports are not cool and will never be cool. Both sports will contain people who will operate on various degrees of coolness and various degrees of tech geekdom / fitness levels. Surely we can all just get along?

I might add that deep down I have quite a hatred for IronmanTM, but that is nothing to do with being cool, and everything to do with marketing Bullsh*t, a $400US entry fee and cr*ppy tatoos on calves. It doesn't mean I hate 'Ironmen' per se. Ironmen can be cool also, it's just hard to believe them when they're wearing their budgee smugglers. Which are, of course, less cool than the still very uncool lyrca shorts I wear. I think... discuss.



    note no mention of lycra

  2. I think cyclists have an inate fear of triathletes. Perhaps because (road) cyclists like to think of themselves as being masochistic, lactate-loving speed monsters and, lets face it, the very idea of a triathlon makes me want to cry. Not because I think its particularly harder than cycling - a fast bunch ride or top level race can be brutally painful - but the idea of swimming then cycling then running (is that the right order?) in quick succession is just...uncomfortable. And those wee crop tops they wear don't help in the cool stakes. Though neither do the lycra 'onesies' that TTers wear...