Thursday, October 15, 2009

Style Icon: John Tomac

Reading this article about the style of professional riders got me thinking. First, about how on the few occassions I've been lucky enough to ride with Pro's I've always been impressed by their pedalling 'souplesse' (whatever that means, it sounds right). And second, about riders I've either tried to emulate or aspire towards, in terms of riding 'style'. There's lots of riders out there I respect but if I had to name one guy it would have to be Johnny T for the following reasons:

- He was around when I was growing up and getting into mtb'ing as a teenager.
- He won at downhill, cross country and even raced road bikes for 7-11.
- He epitomises an age before you had to be a 'specialist'. Just ride.
- He had bags of style- catching some air on your drops anyone?
- He didn't look like an emaciated refugee.
- He rode a Yeti. Heck, even his Raleigh was a nice bike (future postings I feel).

No matter how good, or how stylish (!) I get on a bike in any discipline, I'll still never be as good, or as cool, as Johnny T.