Friday, October 23, 2009

Google Architect

So, with Building Maker, Google have provided the tools for Joe Public to create a fully 3D Google Earth cityscape anywhere in the world. We've all been to New York on Google Earth, turned on the 3D Buildings layer and flown around thinking how cool it is, but what's next- Google Architect? This got me thinking about what the process might be if Google were to do such a venture. Parts of it actually make quite a lot of sense. Here's a draft procurement process:
  • Client Gary Bitter buys site with title deeds that automatically link into the Google Earth (possibly buying off Google Estate Agents>?!?)
  • Gary Bitter downloads Google Architect, enters his criteria for Becks Mansions off a drop down menu. He enters Residential use, 4 storey height, 1000m2, Becks New Baroque Style, Design Risk factor 4, with a Double Garage and a Gazebo.
  • Google Architect uses the pre-drawn templates to fit the site, generates a 3D model and a set of floorplans that Gary Bitter drags and drops around with until he's happy.
  • Gary Bitter presses the 'submit to planning' button, at which point he gives Google Architect lots of money to process the application.
  • Planning Authority reviews Becks Mansions in Google Earth.
  • Planning Authority tells Google Architect to remove Gazebo bacause it's not in keeping with the Essex vernacular. Gary Bitter presses delete on the Gazebo in Google Architect and resubmits. Permission granted.
  • Builder downloads the plans from Google Architect and decides to ignore them, unbeknown to Gary Bitter.
  • Builder builds Becks Mansions. It looks sh*t. Gary Bitter is disappointed but at least it was cheap.
So, there you go- not that different to how it is in many cases now is it? Except the Architect made some money! In all seriousness, I quite like the idea of compulsory Google Earth 3D planning submissions- it creates a level playing field for all and removes the artistic license for fake perspectives and cr*ppy water colour drawings of blue skies and kids with balloons.The future's bright, the future's... hang on- jobless!