Monday, January 27, 2014

KOF4 Guangzhou

In keeping with the velodrome overload on here at the moment, here are some shots from last weekend's 'KOF4' in Guangzhou. An excellent opportunity to ride an underused world class track built for the East Asian Games in 2010. A good 180+ riders lined up for an Elimination style Kilo (this took some time), including the former lead man from Team China's Team Sprint squad. He'd clearly enjoyed life a bit more since those days, as I nipped a couple of seconds off his 1min20 time to clock an unofficial 1min16 that was officially 1min18. Still not enough to beat a couple of Korean guys from Engine11 who managed 1min15s, but top 3 none the less. The afternoon's keirin was a bit of an anti gwuilo stitch up, but hey ho- never mind. An interesting trip into the mainland - nothing ventured, nothing gained! Big thanks to Michael and Sander for the logistics help.

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