Monday, December 16, 2013


Around 4 years ago, I did a post on 'Power without Power', using the example of the annual SIRPeak TT to demonstrate how it is possible to estimate your watts without a power meter using SportTracks. Since then, Strava has entered the equation and largely superseded SportTracks as the data swallowing software of choice for most bike nuts. During the same time, I've largely got older and slower, and I've never bettered that time of 20:35 (ST estimate 350 watts) set in December 2009, despite riding that hill at least once a week for the past 6 years (estimate 400 times up and down over the past 6 years?!?). 

So, it was a pleasant surprise to clock a new PB this weekend past of 20:15 (Strava estimate 335 watts). Not enough for the win on the day, but good enough for 3rd place in a much increased field over 2009, and more importantly, proof that 1./ power estimatation is just that- an estimate, and 2./ it is possible to push yourself harder than you thought possible and break new barriers long considered closed. 

The only problem is that I'm now tantalizing close to the 'sub-20' club, a rather elite group of around 5 Hong Kong cyclists who have broken this magical barrier on a weekend in December. I cast my mind back to this taxi here, that extra 1% of effort I could have put there. But the reality is it's a case of 'less wine and chocolate' this week, last week and well, for enough time to lose those last few kilos. And maybe another 600 times up the Peak?

Thanks to SIR Peter and SIR James for the photos. Full results below:

Fred C 18.38
Damien B 20.00
Ed C 20.15
Dave Mc 20.55
Steve D 21.15
Aron A 21.22
Henrik P 21.32
James K 22.39
Mike M 23.04
Jason K 24.00
Reid 24.12
Mark C 24.20
Matt K 24.23
Peter D 24.23
Zach 24.39
Peter L 24.39
Rudi 24.40
Mark Mc 25.10
Dave O 25.26
JC 26.10
Simon P 26.14
Marc 26.25
Jon A 27.12
Doug O 28.40
Paul S 29.17
Tony N 30.49

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