Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gold Dust Orange?

So this morning my beloved Turner Flux frame took a trip down to the post office and started its journey back to the good ol' USofA for a spruce up and a dress down. Functionally everything was tickedy boo after a couple of years of abuse, but the paint work was getting a bit tired and I thought it nice to get her looking like new once more and have all the bearings refurbed / a bit of welding done on some supposed weak spots. It's also a good chance to go for new cables etc. and check everything over.

Now, the big question is what colour?!? Having never owned an Orange bike I'm tempted to go for 'Gold Dust Orange' on the front triangle with black out back to go with black forks & mainly black components. The odd anodised blue bling should also go, but will it all be a bit too much? The fall back is a smoke black, which would also be very nice, but perhaps a bit too safe and sensible? Sometimes it's good to have some colour in your life. Or?

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