Sunday, March 18, 2012


3 laps in, almost half a lap down. This was not how my first track race in 4 1/2 years was meant to start... The event was a scratch race- 60 laps of fast and furious track action, with first over the line the winner, and lapping the field a crucial component to success. Sadly, my naivety to think there would be some steady through and off for the first few laps was rather misconceived.

Another 4 laps later, after my own little flying Kilo effort, I had bridged up to the now break of 6, and had pretty much spent my chips, with less than half the race completed.

By around 30 laps the 6 of us had made a lap, and the winner would clearly come from one of us. Given the rest of the break were either HK National squad, or former Nationals, I think the smart money was going on one of them...

Still, no rest for the wicked. Nor for those who are about to be T-boned by a rider coming back down the track without looking...

Needless to say that come the sprint,  I got boxed in then swamped in the last 100m and came through for 6 out of 6. Still, good not to get lapped and make the selection from the initial start list. Good also to field a small colossi team and get our little track programme up and running.

Come the junior / ladies race, Hillary proved it doesn't matter what bikes she rides she still kicks ass, easily winning the ladies division. Shamefully the HKCA don't split women and juniors, so the next wave of HK Wong Kam Po's still got the nod.

As such, we made our own little podium.


  1. Great post Ed and great result. How long did the race last? Race looked like real good fun. Had to beat HK, huh? Also nice work hooking Hilary up on the podium. Cheers, Bob

  2. Hey Bob- I think we did the 15km in around 20mins, with the pace anywhere between 35 & 55 kph... Talk about intervals! Hillary is a rule unto herself!