Monday, January 23, 2012

CNY Tour De Lantau

Kung Hey Fat Choy and all that... Mountain biking and temples- it's the only way.

Steve did emerge from the mist on occasions.

Pierre showing how it's done coming off the Fan Lau plateau.

Lots of impressive statistics- 80km riding, 2000m elevation, 12hrs out of the hoose, 3 degrees at the Buddha etc. But what Chinese New Year ride would be complete without a few men in tracksuits dressed up as a Dragon pulling cabbages from the ceiling?


  1. Great pics, and great ride.....80km riding, 2000m elevation, 12hrs, 3 degrees at the Buddha etc.....
    Impressive! As I always say " wish I were there" But at this moment I would never be able to do that ride. I'll bet I would need a good 3-4 months of hard core training to finish that tour.

    By the way Eddy, include the name of the riders in your posts. I can't make out all the pics. Is that a female in there? You said Steve, which Steve?

    Good work Ed and keep the articles coming.


  2. Ah, 9 starters is a lot to name Bob! Finishers were the real Steve Coward, Mark, Aron & I. Hillary had a valid excuse with a plane to catch that evening, but all others less so. Pace was easy Bob- you'd have been fine!