Monday, October 3, 2011

53 Stubbs Rd

"I care very much about the interior spaces and how they are used. I work very hard with clients to make sure that the building functions in the way that they need it to function." Frank Gehry

So, as Hong Kong prepares for what could well be the most expensive flats to hit the market (think a solid professional annual salary as monthly rent), take a look at this floor plan. Could you imagine a more annoying layout in which to count your cash? Walls all over the shop, columns blocking your million dollar view, and so much space yet you don't even get a proper terrace by which to enjoy that view?!?

The many articles hitting the web about this building seem to be missing not only the above points, but also the disconnect between the vision of this building (i.e. Gehry's nice models) and the fast revealing material reality of this building. Here is a photo taken this morning that shows those columns blocking the view are not painted pistachio green, but are in fact glass clad white columns giving a pistachio effect- Yee Gods! Pistachio should be for gelato, not Gehry. As an aisde, I am reminded of one of my favourite HK houses down the road from this beasty.

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