Monday, October 19, 2009

50 Stubbs Rd.

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To date, my favourite private house in Hong Kong has to be 50 Stubbs Rd. It's quirky- looking like a clash between a 4 storey oil rig and a Delorean concept car. It has the most fabulous location- sitting isolated on a prime piece of green hillside overlooking all of Hong Kong. It's mysterious- google will get you nowhere on this. It's private, with CCTV observing your every move anywhere near it's gates. The best view you'll get of the house is from Happy Valley race course looking up (2nd photo from last June) - about 1km away. But on Sunday, whilst taking the first of the above photos that gives a glimse of their fabulous view, I found out that this house has 7, yes 7, maids, and one had worked there for 20 years. I couldn't find out the answer to the question I really want to know- who would live in a house like this. I imagined that it'd be a Bond villian, but I suspect the reality is more mundane. Whoever comissioned it all those years ago does at least deserve some credit for building something outside of the Hong Kong mould. It may look dated now, but at least it's different. That counts for a lot around here.

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