Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Plaza Loungin'

I wouldn't normally post this photo of a shower as being architecturally noteworthy, but as of this morning (I can grip handlebars again) it is of major relevance to my life, and as such, related to the nonsense I post on here. The reason? The shower is a photo taken in the plaza lounge at Hong Kong airport. And seeing as I'm now working on site at the airport (I'm on the new Midfield concourse), my commute just got a lot longer. Riding all the way to the airport is not technically feasible on bike, but riding to the airport express takes me the same time as a taxi (but is cheaper) and chops about 20mins off the loser cruiser a.k.a. The Bus. 

Once at the airport I can ride the dull roads of Tung Chung, but what about the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle? Well, instead of the gym, as luck would have it my AmEx credit card gets me free access into Plaza lounges, just underneath the airport express, from which I can get some free jam on toast, a shower AND a new toothbrush- sure beats Fitness First! Working at the airport is indeed a surreal existence, but as this photo shows, it's not all bad.