Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Let's all move to Cape Town

Arriving in Cape Town, the coffee was great, but the riding was even better! Riding down the coast, up Chapman's Peak (scene of many a car ad) it was easy to see why these roads are some of the most popular in the world, each year hosting what might be the biggest mass ride in the world - the Cape Argus.

I'm afraid these photos were taken from the hire car, as I was too busy enjoying the riding to stop and take pictures, but the scenery was spectacular, the climbs not too steep (all big ringable at a push) and basically some of the nicest roads I've ever ridden.

Coming into the U turn of my ride down at Cape Point (a nice variant of the Argus route) I reckon I'd passed 4-500 cyclists coming the other way, and probably another 1-200 myself. Some were in some sort of timed event, probably some sort of Argus warm up, others just out for a Sunday morning cycle. It was so radically different to HK, where 90% of the cyclists are serious and committed, to go to somewhere where there are at least 90 times as many riders, with 90% of them looking like recreational riders. It's really refreshing to go somewhere that proves if you have good weather, scenic & safe roads and a culture of cycling, it's not just hard core testosterone fueled roadies who'll ride, but old guys, young guys, fay guys, thin guys, women, women with one leg, children,  tandems, unicyclists. You get the picture.

Oh, and breakfast back at Camps Bay wasn't bad either!

Lastly, just to rub it in, they also have amazing rides within the city where you can climb into the clouds away from the traffic and reflect on how life probably should be. Damn you Cape Town!