Saturday, March 20, 2010

Flying B*llshit

No road biking at all for me this w/end now thanks to Flying Ball. Conversation went something along the lines of:

"Hi, do you have a headset for a Ridley Damocles?"
"Can I come today and get it fitted"

An hours trek later getting to the middle of Earth / deepest Kowloon.

"Hi, can you fit that headset I spoke to you about over the phone?"

5 mins later

"Sir, we have a problem. We have the headset but we can't sell it to you because there is no one in the warehouse to tell us how much it costs. You'll have to come back on Monday"

5 mins of 'discussion' later and I leave with yet another black mark against Flying Bullsh*t. Amazing just how bad the bike shops in this town can be. n.b. - they call themselves a 'Pro' workshop but today I discovered that their main workshop allen key is in fact a multi tool. Says it all.