Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lantau in November

A slight cheat on the blogger modus operandi of only uploading photos taken the same day but I thought this image reflected some of the spirit of today's ride up to the Big Buddha in Lantau. A few key differences- my Buddha ride last year was with my friend Mark, pictured, who was visiting Hong Kong from Glasgow. Today I was trying to hold pace with two of Hong Kong's cycling 'big hitters' (Tonks & Robertson) so the weight / bulk of camera was not going to help! It was also a bit faster, quite a bit further at 120km and a lot harder, but equally glorious. November really is one of the nicest months for cycling in Hong Kong and I've been glad to make the Buddha pilgramage under clear blue skies and reasonable temperatures 2 years in a row now. Much better than the damp squib that is November in the UK...

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