Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Impossible Hour

With news that Cancellara is having a go at the hour record and also that Obree dumps his hour record plans it seemed a good time to watch 'The Impossible Hour', another Jorgen Leth production. I was quite struck by one of the opening gambits on how Ritter's record attempt bike weighed just 5.45kg, employed the "most advanced alloys" and "the proportions between handlebar and saddle... divulge somewhat from the normal". Heck, he even had some prototype clipless pedals. This was seriously cutting edge and 5.45kg is still insanely light for a bike (UCI weight limit is even now 6.8kg), so at what point did the UCI decide this era of technology is what defines the 'Athlete's Hour', which is what Cancellara will have a go at? As much as I love the aesthetics of this era of cycle sport I also love the cutting edge and it does seem a shame we're denied it now thanks to the UCI beurocrats. A great film for training on the turbo irrespective- Ritter had a seriously smooth pedalling style.