Saturday, June 12, 2010

Luma Shop: Bling it On

So today I paid a visit to 178 Queens Rd Central to see the new Luma shop.

It must have the best location of any bike shop in Hong Kong, being about a 10 minute walk from Central.

The window gives a glimpse of what's inside. Bling's the word, with Louis's trademark frame scribbles taking pride of place.

Inside the bling continues with back lit brick walls and model lycra louts. TT speed machines are a plenty with most stuff prototypes not available to buy (what do you mean it's a shop?). 

Everything is presented very nicely and I guess you have to take the place as a showroom rather than a 'bike shop'- they're not going to fix your puncture, but if you want something unique creating, be that bike clothing or components, he's a great man to speak to.

A great example of what he can do is this hipster dream machine- think laquered squiggles around steel lugs, with custom deep sections and rough finish carbon track bars that require no bar grips.

I'm not sure Hong Kong will quite 'get' this shop but it certainly shows Luma is going from strength to strength and they're ready to move up a gear. Expect big things from these guys.