Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Circle of Life

Those of you who know me will most likely know that as a general rule I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to bike parts. Moving to Hong Kong has certainly curtailed aspects of this behaviour, and I've had to adapt with storage solutions that I'm already starting to grow out of. Those of you who know me really well will also know that I have a wedding that is eating into my bicycle budget a little and these things combined have meant I've had to sell a few bike bits. A hard thing to do for a man like me- bikes are more than lumps of metal, they hold memories of times past. Even if they're crap, like my Ribble, this was the first bike I ever won a race on so I associate it with good times. I'll do a series recapping on all the 'dead and alive' bikes I've owned past and present, but for now, soak up this excellent diagram courtesy of tears for gears. First to go was my Yeti 575 frame. This has made my wife to be happy, but me a little sad. I know that in time another frame will 'appear' and I'll have to slowly release it from the bike room, I mean spare room, and pretend it's an old one (worked with my Corimas). I guess I was less emotionally attached to the Yeti than some, and the fact I snapped the carbon rear triangle twice (replaced on warranty) didn't do much to endear it to me but I still won some races aboard this machine and I had some great times on it (note no longer 'him'), including riding an off-road coast to coast across the Pyrenees. So, it was hard but it is done and now I move into the 9 o'clock position. Next up is a set of Ksyrium wheels, but they're easy to move on in my mind as they're clinchers and as such are inherintly evil. Midday will come...