Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Every Mountain Biker Needs A Shed

'Every Mountain Biker Needs A Shed'- so read the title in Singletrack magazine. It's not something I'd dispute, but here in HK we're talking one expensive shed! And so we have to make do with other solutions and think outside the box a little. I've just revamped the spare room with two new IKEA bookcases that try to contain all my junk, I mean vital spare parts, tools and clothing. Out of shot are about 5 sets of wheels, my Camelbacks, my other bikes etc. Seeing it all laid out like this I'm actually quite amazed I've managed to collect so much stuff in less than 2 years as I certainly didn't arrive with it all but I'm much happier for it. A man without tools is like a woman without shoes. "Yes of course honey, it's the bare minimum a 21st Century cyclist needs to survive".