Thursday, October 22, 2009

Colnago Lust

Seeing Harry in his new stripes has certainly rekindled my bike lust for all things steel and retro. I've never really liked Colnagos but they certainly carry with them a haloed sense of awe in road bike circles. I always thought they must be lovely bikes to ride but I could never buy into all that air brushed colour crazed fussiness. And slowly but surely, I'm starting to 'get' Colnago. To me they lost their way in the Mapei days and with news that their latest 'budget' carbon frames are being made in Taiwan I think it's all gone a bit far. Why would you dilute your brand and lose the unique selling point you have- Made in Italy? Apparently, these Master X re-issues are still made in the motherland and they do look rather special. I get these frames. Question is, would you go for the Eric Blue, Eddy Orange or the Guisseppe Red?