Thursday, March 7, 2013


I'm due an update to my virtual 'Bike Bookcase' below, especially since 'It's not about the Bike' moved into the fiction category. One recent purchase where such truths are not so pertinent to the book's message is this rather nice book on the history of Cinelli, including a foreword by Paul Smith. 


  1. "...fiction category." That was funny! This looks like a nice book. Do you feel similarly to some of the reviews on Amazon about it not talking enough about the original founder of Cinelli? I've recently gleaned some good and useful info about derailleurs and gears from "The Dancing Chain" by Frank Berto. Another one of my favorite bikebooks is "Cycling's Golden Age: The Horton Collection." You might like those if you haven't already seen them.

  2. Hey, thanks for the tips on some new reads- duly added to the 'wish list'. I was fine with the lack of Cino Cinelli- you can't do everything, and the focus is unashamedly on Colombo's artistic collaborations. As for the guy who was looking for graphs and charts- well I think he bought the wrong book!