Thursday, February 6, 2014


A quick catch up post from the last HKCA track race held at Whitehead (not TKO sadly...). First up was the team sprint, with Adam, James & I got DQ'ed for some sort of wheel overlap infringement. Very important to rigorously apply UCI rules to amateurs who get to try this event once a year if they are lucky!

Anyhow, the points race was a bit more successful for Team Colossi, as I managed to stay up there in the most of the sprints to accumulate enough for 3rd overall. This was despite the previous evening's Coronas coming back to haunt me with 30 of the 120 laps to go, alongside some calf cramps. Tough!!! Meanwhile Aron almost snuck away to get an extra lap with 25 to go, but still garnered enough points from being out alone solo to sneak in for 4th on the day. Forza

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