Friday, August 9, 2013

Vector Rip Off

Inspired by this article on how the UK Government could have better used the money they spent on Thatcher's funeral, I thought it would be interesting to see what you cycling related items one could buy instead of a pair of brand spanking new, but rather expensive, Garmin Vector pedals. Drum roll please, here's some thoughts on how else to spend $1699 USD:

A Life Time's Cycling Holiday Experience
1x BC bike race entry: $1650USD
This looks much more fun than looking at Garmin Connect graphs.

His and Hers Mountain Bikes
2 perfectly serviceable brand new '29er mountain bikes: 2 x 550 EURO
How about 2 bikes for the price of 2 pedals?!?

Flights to go Training
5 return flights to Taiwan to go train in the hills: 5 x $2500HKD
I'm thinking the training benefit of this would far outweigh a couple of metric gauges.

Enough pedals to Last a Lifetime
66 pairs of Shimano SPD pedals: 66x£16.50GBP
Power meter pedals are all good, but 66 times the price of a standard SPD? Really?!?

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