Monday, January 14, 2013

Tour de TMS

Epic is an over-used word amongst bikers, especially those who subscribe to a certain british brand who have made a business model from mixing arm bands with saddle sores. OK, that's a bit cynical, but all sometimes the best all day biking comes when you mix fat tires, a loose idea of a route, some dirt, a big hill, 2 ferries, 1 taxi, lots of doughnuts, ice cream and an impromptu Nathan Rd KOM attempt.


  1. Hey, where is Leeper? You straddle the bike world better than anyone I know Eduardo. Road, MTB, Track and yes....EPIC rides. Nice right up Ed. By the way that new HKMBA Jersey would be a nice touch on this ride ;-)

  2. Good question- where was Leeps? Something about a screwed knee / calf / leg and not being able to walk or pedal. Excuses excuses. We have to do this route with you're over next- Steve was talking about how much you'd like the 'new' stuff going over the top of TMS.