Monday, August 27, 2012

Sheung Shui'ing

A nice shot or two from this weekend's inaugural Hong Kong Mountain Bike Festival. Organised solely through facebook, I was amazed at the support given to this event- around 200 riders at the Sheung Shui MX Club, all keen to beat themselves up in the extreme heat and clamour for the endless lucky dip prize drawer.  

I had a good race (thankfully it was only 40 minutes) moving my way up from around 8th place on the first climb to 2nd by the finish. It got very confusing to know if you were overtaking or lapping on such a short course, but all good fun and a pleasant surprise to find out such a result at the finish. Kudos to Mr Leeper for finishing 2nd in his Cat also. I realised that is the first MTB race I've done in over a year, and the first on my Turner- proof there is a little more life left in the old dog, and 26" wheels still go round.

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