Saturday, March 5, 2011


This weekend I was meant to be in Thailand, attempting to ride 750km in 3 days from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. Instead, I'm at home unable to ride, my attempts to fix up a slightly broken body in 5 days failed. Having taken a nasty tumble on the tram tracks last Sunday (speed bump plus unseen piece of wood) on my way to a local race, I've spent the week in and out of bandages, nursing wounds and limping my way around town. Alas, whilst elbows and knees heal fairly quickly and scab up nicely, palms do not. If I could have gripped my handlebars in some shape or form I would have gone, but riding 12hrs a day one handed with a big risk of infection is not a possibility. Down but not out, I'm now considering trying to honour those who have sponsored me with some sort of alternative. Watch this space I guess.

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